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Client Testimonials

Dennis Moseley-Williams

-CX Keynote Speaker & Business Consultant

"I hired Lauren to help with our company's social media strategy. I was so pleased with our relationship and her professionalism that within the first three months I renegotiated, I could keep Lauren working with us for an entire year.

For most of my career, I have viewed social media as a necessary evil. I understand the why and the how but as a business owner, I struggled with implementation. Contrary to what I was told would be the case, I did not find social media to be fun, or easy.

What Lauren was able to do was come in and first understand my business, my clients, and the industry. Lauren then organized a social media strategy which she laid out that my office was able to consider and understand. Although Lauren cautioned us to be patient, and that building brand awareness and monetizing your audience takes time, we were pleasantly surprised with our results from the get-go."

TA Speakers Management

-Keynote Speaker Agent & Keynote Speaker Coach

"I highly recommend Lauren if you are looking for a dedicated and passionate social media professional to assist in your day-to-day social media needs... Lauren has been incredibly helpful in taking some of the load off when it comes to thought leadership and online social media. Lauren saves me tons of time and energy, always coming up with new creative content ideas for my channels, keeping track of everything in a social media plan, designing visuals, and even helping write posts. She ensures my posts are designed especially for each platform and encourages me to try new things. She tracks my analytics and if needed we adjust our plans accordingly. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking to find that saviour when it comes to social media and gets back some time and energy in your day-to-day while being able to put out regular thought leadership for your channels- she is truly incredible!" 

La Barrique Wine Consulting

-Wine Consultant

"As someone who is just establishing my own small business, the only way I am currently engaging with my clients is via social media. This is not an area I am familiar with nor have any expertise in, so partnering with Lauren has been absolutely essential. She has been instrumental in managing this platform for me by generating content ideas, editing, posting, and tracking statistics. Lauren is extremely organized (which keeps me organized), detail-oriented, professional and keeps herself up-to-date on the trends and new capabilities of the tools. In the last 8 months that I've been working with her, my following and engagement levels are beyond what I would have imagined. And she is an absolute pleasure to work with! In this day and age where more and more business is being done via social media platforms, having Lauren on your team is a must!"

Sue Styles

-Business Speaker & Business Coach

"Yes, I was afraid to spend the money. Yes, I was worried about trying something new. But something had to give and so I took a chance – that paid off with success. Working with Lauren has been a wonderful experience. She delivered more than I had hoped for. I wanted to increase engagement and in a few short months, I saw an increase in my engagement on Instagram, and I used those posts for Facebook which also were a homerun. She was easy to communicate with, express ideas with, took feedback well, and always did what needed to be done and more (sometimes late at night!). Lauren is a treasure and brings a special element to my social media that I didn’t realize was missing!

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