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Social Media Trend of 2022 & Update- Video Content!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to another Social Media Trend of 2022 and Update series. I will be talking about a content trend that is gaining force and not slowing down any time soon… Video!

75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics released that,

“social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined.”

This is trending because almost every platform has added a video component, including Instagram; remember how it started it was just a place to share a pretty picture, but it is now going “video first”. From Reels, to combined IGTV and in-feed video and, stories is now giving us a seamless video experience.

One of the reasons why video content is more successful is that the algorithm prioritizes video content over any other. They boost content based on user engagement since video content grabs our attention quicker and longer.

Another reason why video content is being push is because of how inclusive it is. You can use audio and text simultaneously allowing a bigger audience of people to absorb your content.

If this is a trend you are looking to get more into, I suggest:

  • Creating Reels on Instagram using a trending song or audio that is relevant to your industry.

  • Try a 30 second video for Instastory or host Lives on Instagram or LinkedIn to engage with your existing followers.

  • Topics you could use for video content are quick and easy tutorials, explain a product, behind the scenes to your day or creating a product, an Out of the day video, even partnering with creators to reach new audiences and to build your credibility

I for one am on board with this trend. I would love to know if this a content trend you are excited about or not?

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