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The Power of Video Content: Captivating Your Followers Through Storytelling to Gain Leads on Instagram & LinkedIn

Professional recording herself at a cafe
Professional recording herself on a cafe

Still, finding yourself a little resistant about including video content in your Instagram or LinkedIn strategy? 

I get it, adding video content can feel daunting and overwhelming if you feel you aren’t a videographer or aren’t even sure how to go about creating video content. That’s ok. One tactic you can leverage to your advantage is your impactful storytelling skills!

Your goal to captivate your audience on stage can be transferred to captivating users online and turn into followers and ideally clients. With a few different factors and formulas for grabbing your audience’s attention online, your main focus will always be your strong storytelling skills.

Incorporating these tips, you will create engaging video content that will help your chances of gaining the right followers and turning them into leads.

Here’s what you can do…

Video Content: Here to Stay

The reality is, video content is still leading in terms of preferred content to be digested. Whether it’s short-form or long-form video content, video content reigns supreme. It's not just about static images anymore; it's about building connections and trust to resonate with your audience. As a Keynote Speaker, your voice is your power, and video content allows you to amplify it like never before. The visual and auditory elements of video content build a deeper connection, and trust with your followers, allowing you to show your authentic, human side.

The Importance of  Storytelling 

At the heart of every impactful message is a story waiting to be told. Keynote Speakers, you are natural storytellers, creating speeches that inspire, educate, and engage. Through video content, you have the opportunity to bring your stories to life, transporting your audience to different locations and moments of your day. Whether you're sharing insights from a bustling event or reflecting on your journey at a workshop, storytelling through video content allows you to showcase authenticity and credibility to your followers.

Think Beyond Talking-Head Videos

For some Keynote Speakers, the thought of speaking directly to the camera may seem daunting. However, effective video content goes beyond traditional talking-head formats. Embrace creativity by showcasing your message through dynamic visuals, cinematic sequences, and powerful music. From voiceovers, creatively edited video clips, well well-thought-out out text on videos, you can still showcase your storytelling skills that build engagement and followers.

Instagram Reels & Stories: Build Connection

Platforms like Instagram offer a variety of opportunities to engage with your audience through video content. While Instagram Reels provide a platform for short, snappy videos, Instagram Stories offer a more intimate space for authentic interactions. Leverage these features to spark conversations, build community, and ultimately, convert followers into leads. Remember, the key lies not only in the content itself but in the conversations you start in your DMs.

You Got This: Turning Struggles into Success

Video content creation may seem daunting at first, especially balancing demanding schedules. However, remember that every challenge begins with a single step. If you find yourself grappling with the intricacies of video creation or seeking guidance on content strategy, know that support is available. Reach out to industry experts, collaborate with fellow speakers, and embrace the learning process with enthusiasm and resilience. And! Change your mindset to be easy on yourself. Instead of thinking you are creating video content, think of it as documenting your day, thoughts, stories, and message.

Remember, the power of video content sparks conversations, and creates meaningful connections. Use video content to your advantage and take the opportunity to spread your voice by using your strong storytelling capabilities to build a community with the right followers to turn into leads.

Now, if you struggle with video content creation, know that support is available! Don't hesitate to reach out to me via the contact form. I would love to help you conquer video content leveraging your storytelling skills.

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