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10 Proven Tips for Boosting Keynote Speaker’s Instagram Engagement Organically

Instagram is an ideal platform for Keynote Speakers to not only share content that showcases your talent, spread your message and speak to your audience, it provides a unique opportunity to interact personally with your audience.

However, engaging on Instagram requires a strategized approach.

You don’t want to be “wasting” your time and energy, aimlessly scrolling and not engaging strategically with your current and potential followers.

I've put together a list of ten tried-and-true tips for navigating Instagram that will improve both your presence and engagement. So, let's dig into building meaningful connections and genuine engagement with your Instagram community:

1. Focus on Your Topic (Niche)- As a Keynote Speaker, your expertise is your topic and brand. Make sure your Instagram content aligns with your topic and the industry(ies)/clients you speak to. Share valuable insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

2. Call to Action (CTA)- Don't underestimate the power of a well-placed CTA. Encourage your followers to reach out if they need assistance with your area of expertise. Make it clear that you're here to help. Every post you share should have a clear CTA, whether it's asking for opinions, encouraging shares, or directing users to your website. CTAs guide your audience's actions.

3. Engage with Your Current Followers- Dedicate regular time slots to interact with your existing followers. Respond to their comments, answer questions via DMs, and show appreciation for their support if they interacted through your Stores. This creates a sense of community around your profile. Remember, your followers are people who are warmed up to you and have taken an interest in you, so take an interest in them.

4. Proactive Engagement- Allocate time to engage with potential followers who aren't currently following you. Leave likes, genuine comments, and follow accounts that align with your target audience. Think of this as networking in the digital world.

5. Genuine Connections- Engaging with your followers should be authentic. Take a personal interest in their content and lives. Genuinely connecting with people builds trust and loyalty. If you see someone likes a similar hobby, or travel destination or has the same view on a topic, let them know! You will be amazed how a genuine comment can spark conversations that can eventually lead to the next step, interest in your work and theirs.

6. Jump on Stories- Utilize and maximize Stories to increase engagement. Most followers watch Stories, so it’s a great place to come on camera and share your day, feelings/thoughts, projects, BTS at events or going to events to spark conversations and build an engaged community.

7. Evoke Emotions- Your content should resonate with your target audience on an emotional level. Share stories, experiences, and insights that elicit feelings and encourage sharing and commenting. Don’t just share speaking engagement announcements.

8. Engaging Visuals- Stay away from generic stock images. Use relevant visuals for your brand. Ideally, feature your face prominently, you are the face of your brand after all. It helps your audience connect with you on a personal level.

9. Interactive Stickers- Instagram offers a variety of interactive stickers like polls, quizzes, and question boxes. Use them to gather insights and spark conversations to continue engagement with your audience. Analyze who engages and watches your Stories. Seeing who's watching your Stories on the daily will indicate to you who you should be connecting with.

10. Collaborate with Industry Speakers- Partnering with other industry Speakers in your field can showcase your profile to a wider audience. Collaborations can include co-hosting Instagram Lives, joint giveaways, or simply mentioning each other in posts.

Instagram is an exciting platform for Keynote Speakers to build your brand and connect with a wide audience. By implementing one or two; heck even all 10, of these strategies outlined above, will boost your engagement organically and create an engaging community of followers who value your insights and expertise. Remember, authenticity and consistency are the cornerstones of success on Instagram.

If you have any doubts or questions about the topic, let's connect! I'm here to help you navigate Instagram and the world of social media. Together, we can take your Instagram presence to new heights.

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