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3 Tactics To Use If Uncomfortable On Camera

Feeling shy, nervous, or not liking how you look on camera; whether it is on video or in photos, is a common fear I hear.

I find this surprising as most of my clients are professional speakers and speak on a stage in front of people for a living. If you ask me, that is way scarier than going on camera.

As video content dominates and leads on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn following, jumping on camera is very important to build engagement and trust amongst your followers.

AND! There are statistics that report LinkedIn posts with a visual that show faces, and or smiling faces outperform posts with visuals without people in them.

Take it slow and start with these tips to build your confidence in front of the camera. Create a content strategy that incorporates one of these tactics once a week:

  • Short videos (1-3 min videos)- Create videos with your voice over the videos clips showing what you are talking about. Takes the fear out of talking directly on camera.

  • Reels (Instagram)- Create Reels using videos or photos of you with trending audio or sound. No need for you to talk.

  • Carousel or single image posts of you in action. Candid action shots are visually appealing and will grab the attention for your followers to read and engage on your post. AND! You will be surprised how candid shots can capture you in ways you didn’t think you would like. Maybe it is mid laugh, walking, thinking, certain angles of the face/body.

Which tip will you be trying?

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Jerin George
Jerin George
May 15, 2023

This is definitely a problem. I personally, find it easier talking to people compared to recording a video of me talking. Have recently started recording short videos. Defintely helps getting the initial jitters out of the way.

May 15, 2023
Replying to

What do you find has been the hardest part of filming yourself?

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