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7 Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Social Media Manager

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Outsourcing can be hard, especially if you are used to doing all the work.

As your speaking career grows, it is important to outsource professionals who can take the workload from you so you can focus your time and energy where it really matters.

If social media is an area that eats up your time or leaves you feeling defeated, consider hiring a social media manager.

Here are 7 tips to consider before you hire a social media manager:

  • Make sure you have a website or landing page set-up- This will help your social media manager know where to funnel the traffic according to the user’s customer journey.

  • Know your brand- Know exactly what makes you unique or stand out from the crowd. What differentiates you from the industry? When you know this, your social media manager will have a better understanding how to optimize bios and create content.

  • Know your brand voice- Provide adjectives that describes your brand. Ex, welcoming, informative, inclusive, motivational.

  • Educate- It’s so important to provide resources to help educate the social media manager. You can’t expect someone to everything about everything. Let there be a grace period for them to learn and educate themselves of the industry better.

  • Patience- It’s important to practice a patient mindset when you hire a social media manager, specifically for organic growth. Otherwise, you will become disappointed. Most social media managers cannot guarantee speedy growth and if they do… AVOID! Organic social media growth takes consistency, hard work, time, and patience.

  • Trust- It’s understandable that it may be hard to let go of the work, but it is important that you do. You hired a professional for a reason, step-aside and let them do the work. You must trust them. You hired them because you don’t have the time anymore or because it is not your area of expertise. If you aren’t ready to let go, then you might not be ready to hire.

  • Budget- When you are ready to hire, know your budget. Determine what you can afford before setting up a call to learn about each other. Social media managers work hard, harder than you might think, so negotiating to bring their fee down will hurt both parties. Respect the fees and if it is too high, look for a social media manager that aligns with you and your budget.

Have these tips helped you determine if you are ready to hire a social media manager?

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