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How Keynote Speakers Can Connect with Their Followers on LinkedIn & Instagram!

Struggling to connect with your followers on LinkedIn & Instagram?

It’s not easy to find the time to sit and connect with your followers when you are busy crafting keynotes or on the go to events. Your time and energy are needed on other aspects of your speaking career, so the last thing you feel like doing is engaging with your followers when at times it feels like there is no reciprocation.

Well, what if I told you don’t need to over think it and just have fun.

Here are six fun and tactics you can add to your strategy to consistently connect with your followers:

Respond genuinely to every comment you receive. When you post on LinkedIn or Instagram, stay on the platform for 15- 30 minutes to respond to comments that come in. Don’t post and ghost. You can also spend your time wisely by commenting on your follower’s posts and on other industry related profiles.

Ask your followers their opinions in poll format or to leave a comment on your post. People love to share their opinions. Let’s say you are adding a new element you never tried before in your presentation, ask your audience their thoughts. For example, if you are adding a music element and you are stuck between two songs, ask your followers which song they prefer. You then open an opportunity to start conversations with them based on their answer.

Share small moments in your day-to-day life on Instagram Stories. Like grabbing a cup of coffee to get you through drafting a workshop for an upcoming event. Ask them, “Who needs an afternoon caffeine boost?” and sharing your thoughts on your progress. You could add an engagement sticker to streamline the engagement to learn more about your audience.

Take event videos to create a behind the scenes Reel- If you like creating Reels on Instagram, and you are sitting on a ton of content you can repurpose into a Reel. Reels are a great way to be creative, humanize your brand and reach new audiences. You can add trending audio or a voiceover to explain to your audience the day or your process before an event.

Jump on Lives! You could do a collaboration with another industry person to draw in a bigger crowd, since this will give you the opportunity to connect with the collab’s followers. Lives are perfect for answering questions or address topics your audience are dying to know about.

DM a “Hello”. When you get a new follower, message them a hello and thank them for following you. You can ask them a question to get to know them better. I can’t tell you how many times I have done this, and it has only lead to great connections.

Which tactic will you add to your strategy to increase the connection with your followers?

If you need help maintaining or implementing a social media strategy, connect with me to setup a free discovery call. I would love to hear from you!

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