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How Keynote Speakers Can Use Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement Trust and Leads

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Are you finding a lack of leads coming from your website? The missing link might be in how you're utilizing Instagram stories. In your world, as a Keynote Speaker, engagement and trust can translate into valuable leads, mastering the art of Instagram stories is not just a suggestion but a necessity.

Let's explore two critical reasons why professional speakers should harness the power of Instagram stories and discover five simple ideas to get started.

Engagement Breeds Trust and Leads:

Your online community wants to connect with the authentic you. Instagram stories provide the ideal space to share thoughts, moments, and feelings on a more personal level. It's about being relatable and authentic. Jump on stories at any time, sharing insights, quirks, or just how you're feeling. Utilize engagement stickers, employing polls or questions to streamline interaction. Make it fun for your audience to answer. And don't forget to add closed captioning for inclusivity. Remember, engagement and trust can transform into valuable leads.

Promote Without the 'Lead' Vibe:

The word 'lead' might sound off-putting, but let's consider it promoting. Instagram stories serve as the perfect avenue to subtly promote your products or services. Consider a scenario where you're launching a downloadable resource on your website. Instead of outright selling, use stories to discuss how it add value to your audience. Consistency is key, but avoid overwhelming your audience with daily lead pitches. The goal is to create awareness without annoying your followers.

Five Easy Ideas to Get Started:

Show Your To-Do List:

Share your daily or weekly to-do list and add a poll sticker asking if your audience can relate. This simple act showcases your professional side and creates a connection by making your audience feel understood.


Capture behind-the-scenes clips of your life, whether at events or preparing for a keynote. Give your audience a glimpse into the routines that make you the wonderful speaker you are. Authenticity builds trust, and trust can translate into leads.


As your follower count grows, take the time to reintroduce yourself and your speaking topics. Remind them of your goals in helping the audience. This step not only builds trust but also provides clarity about your mission, paving the way for potential leads.

Topic Discussions:

Talk about the topics you are currently working on and use engagement stickers to get feedback from your audience. This serves as a subtle way to promote your speaking services and encourage direct inquiries. It's about sparking interest and engagement that can eventually convert into leads.

Personal Sharing:

Share your weekend plans or upcoming vacations. Be personable and authentic. The more you open up, the more your followers will want to engage with you. Engaged followers are more likely to turn into potential leads for your speaking business.

Instagram stories are not just a tool for entertainment but a powerful bridge between you and potential clients. The engagement and trust created through well-crafted stories can transform a casual follower into a valuable lead for your speaking business.

If you're still struggling to harness the power of Instagram stories, don't hesitate to reach out. Let me guide you through using this dynamic tactic effectively and turning your online presence into a lead-generating powerhouse for your professional speaking career. Connect with me, and together, let's elevate your business to new heights! 

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