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LinkedIn Content Strategy: 5 Ways Keynote Speakers Can Increase Organic Views for Impact

You know that when it comes to presenting a keynote, making a lasting impression is not just a goal; it is a necessity. And, you not only want to make a lasting impression on stage, you want to make one online.

The most popular, professional social network you could use to maximize this is LinkedIn. It is a fantastic platform for Keynote Speakers to interact with your audience and spread your impactful message. However, it can be difficult to master the art of creating content that draws organic views and attention.

Not to fret, I am here to help! I will go into detail about how to create a LinkedIn content strategy that is specific to your career as a Keynote Speaker. These content strategy tactics will not only hold your audience's attention but also reach a wider audience organically to further establish your authority, and build trust and a stronger online community.

Craft Original & Simple Visuals

Authenticity and simplicity rule the visual landscape on LinkedIn. The platform favours visuals that are original and created by you. Avoid using overly complicated or stock images that may come across as inauthentic. Instead, opt for clean, straightforward visuals that align with your message. If you're sharing images of yourself, a genuine smile while looking directly at the camera can establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Embrace the Power of Carousels

LinkedIn loves carousels, especially when they follow a simple format and feature images of you maintaining eye contact with the camera. Carousels allow you to tell a story or share valuable insights in a visually appealing way. Break down your content into digestible slides, ensuring each one complements the previous and builds anticipation for the next. This format encourages viewers to swipe through, boosting engagement and time spent on your post.

Leverage the Power of Tagging

LinkedIn thrives on connections and networking. When you tag others in your posts, you create an instant connection with them, and your content becomes visible to their network as well. When relevant, mention or tag professionals, colleagues, or companies that are related to your content. This not only increases your post's visibility but also fosters engagement and discussion within your network.

Engage Through Long-Form Captions

Keynote Speakers often have valuable insights and stories to share. Take advantage of the long-form caption feature to engage your audience on a deeper level. Write descriptive captions that provide context, elicit emotions, or ask thought-provoking questions. Encourage your connections to share their thoughts and experiences in the comments, creating a sense of community and dialogue around your content.

Strategically Place Links in Comments

LinkedIn's algorithm prioritizes content that keeps users on the platform. If you want to share a link to an article, blog post, or external resource, avoid including it in the main post. Instead, place the link in the comments section. This approach ensures that your post gets a boost in initial engagement before users are directed elsewhere. Remember to add a brief, intriguing comment to introduce the link and encourage clicks.

Mastering the art of a LinkedIn content strategy can significantly enhance the impact of Keynote Speakers on the platform. By following these tactics and understanding LinkedIn's preferences, you can increase your views organically, engage with your audience effectively, and ultimately leave a lasting impression that advances your professional journey.

LinkedIn is a dynamic platform, and staying attuned to its evolving trends and algorithms is essential for your success. Craft your content with authenticity, simplicity, and engagement in mind, and watch your impact soar on LinkedIn!

If you struggle or find it hard to schedule this into your busy work week, don’t hesitate to contact me to learn how I can help you with your content strategy. I would love to learn about your speaking career and business and how we can work together.

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