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LinkedIn Follower Growth Strategy for Keynote Speakers: Building an Online Community Organically

LinkedIn, often regarded as the ultimate professional social platform, presents many opportunities for Keynote Speakers to expand their speaking career, share knowledge with ideal clients, and personal development.

It’s more than showcasing achievements, it's a dynamic platform where you can build meaningful connections, share thought leader ideas, and nurture collaborations with new and current followers.

Though, I understand that finding the time or energy in your busy week to build a strong online community organically so you can take advantage of the offerings of LinkedIn, can feel overwhelming, resulting in you needing guidance on where to begin.

I have just what you need! I'll unveil a very simple, quick, and easy follower growth strategy I've developed to increase your LinkedIn followers organically.

Let’s begin!

Step 1.

Start by defining your ideal connections, narrowing them down by industry, job title, and position.

You may have a few to several different ideal connection silos you will want to connect with.

If you’re a Keynote Speaker who speaks on Finance, make a list of the ideal job titles or positions people are in under that industry. As an example, connect with people under:

Financial industry

Financial Advisor

Event planners

Event professionals

Meeting planners

HR Professionals

Financial Associations

Step 2.

Devote 15 to 20 minutes daily to search LinkedIn for those individuals. Take your time to explore their profiles, and identify how you can mutually enrich each other's lives. Simply, connect or follow and customize your connection requests with a friendly message expressing your interest in connecting.

Step 3.

Measure your follower growth month to month using this strategy. You will see above-average follower growth.

I have seen astounding results in just 2 months using this strategy. I went from an average follower growth rate of 3% per month to a 12% follower growth rate.

It’s that simple.

Consistently applying this technique will expand your network and spark meaningful conversations. The connections you will make will become valuable assets to your speaking career. Your LinkedIn engagement on your content will increase and your personal messages will buzz with opportunities.

With LinkedIn, the keys are to proactively authentically follow the right people, and practice patience to see the results roll in. Through the right connections, you will build a diverse and engaged network to propel your social presence to new heights.

If at any point you are still feeling overwhelmed with your LinkedIn presence, reach out to me today! I would love to learn about you and your speaking career, and how I can be part of your journey.

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