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Social Media Trend of 2022- Instagram Metric!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

VEED released a blog focusing on Instagram statistics for 2022 and this particular statistic stood out to me.

“The average engagement rate of any kind of post format overall decreased from 2.26% in 2020 to 0.84%".

Engagement is the Queen of Instagram success. This very imperative metric tells if your audience relates and finds your content interesting to engage with it.

Vanity metrics, Likes, and Comments were once how we measured engagement, but they have evolved over the years and now it is Shares, Saves, and DMs.

The trend that is coming forward because users are Saving, Sharing, and Viewing content. This is really interesting because Instagram has a tendency to prioritize and prefer stories and Reels because of the rise in video content, which typically gets higher engagement.

This is your cue to start creating video content either for stories or Reels to help increase your engagement rate if this is an area you want to focus on.

AND to not get caught up in vanity metrics. Start tracking saves, shares, and DMs on your content.

How can you do this?

  • Offer valuable content that your followers or consumers want to see from you. Share your expertise that can help others.

  • Offer it in video format. Stories, Lives, Group Lives, and Reels.

  • And if you are rolling your eyes at the thought of being on video, carousels are also great for engagement.

Will this be a metric you will be measuring or already do?

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