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Social Media Update- Instagram Ranking Algorithm!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Instagram announced that they are updating their ranking algorithm to put more focus on original content.

Adam Mosseri, Chief of Instagram announced that if you are a content creator or an account creating original content the new algorithm should allow you to get more credit than re-sharing something someone else’s content.

He noted that content aggregators are the focus of this update. So, if you are re-posting a lot of content, like memes, from other accounts, or even user-generated content, your reach could possibly decline.

The ranking process is still a work in progress, and they are building classifiers to predict how “likely” something is to be original.

  • They will look at video uploads- who is in the video, have they seen the video before, are there different people in all the video uploads? This could be a signal to the new algorithm that the content isn’t original.

  • They will look for replicated posts.

  • Time posted will be another factor, but again he states it will be hard for them to tell who the original creator is.

You needn’t worry though, if you edit content outside of Instagram like CapCut for instance, and then upload it to Instagram you won’t get “penalized”. However, content from other platforms like TikTok that has the visible watermark on it will be penalized if uploaded into Reels.

All in all, this update is truly focusing on reducing the dominance of aggregator sites and simply giving credit where it belongs, to the original creators.

With this being a work in progress, some accounts could suffer unjust penalties, but it is their goal to continuously evolve the process to help better determine where content comes from.

This is your sign to start creating original content and stop relying on others or even user-generated content to post or keep posting all the wonderful original content!

What do you think of this new update?

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